Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alexandre Orion Reverse Graffiti

Alexandre Orion spent last year doing graffiti in Brazil. However, he was actually doing the government a favour. His style of graffiti doesn't use paint or markers but instead he employs the power of a towel. He wipes scum/soot and pollution offwalls in order to bring out the colour from beneath the grime. A form of reverse graffiti. However, the government, not being keen to allow any form of expression ordered every tunnel in the city to be washed down. It's amazing that it took the work of an artist doing them a favour to realise that the city needed a clean. Something that really grinds my gears. Why suddenly now do they decide to wash their walls? Check out the video below to see all of Orion's hard work washed away in a mater of minutes.

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