Monday, October 22, 2007

Hooked Zine Issue 2

Our good friend MJAR was kind enough to give Irie and I a brand spanking new copy of the Hooked Zine which was greatly appreciated! Here's the lowdown, straight from MJAR's BLOG.

"We are very excited as we have just finished our second Hooked Zine and it's looking super fresh if we do say so ourselves. Finally finished, this one has only taken 6 long months to get together what with waiting for work from the artists and me having to re-learn how to use exposure units and what not. But here it is, a DIY black and white photocopied publication with a splash of colour and a hand screenprinted cover!!!! A 34 page zine, A5 in size and featuring illustrations and doodles from a selection international street artists and illustrators. Each issue come individually wrapped.

The featured artists in this issue include:
Lister, Elph, mjar, Muju, Twiy, Showchicken, 45RPM, Mudwig Dans, Miss Lotion, Jet-Pac, KMR, Mute-Id and Dist."

If you like, you should head to his blog where you can purchase a copy.