Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hulk PC Case Mod

According to the makers description, this beauty of a PC custom mod took fourteen months to finish. The Hulk is originally a poseable 13" figure and the modder managed to insert a motor into the Hulk's arms so it can shake the Micro ATX motherboard in a menacing way. The DVD-drive is found to the rear incorporated in the base section of the PC.
In the words of someone who commented in the found post,"Seriously though it really is the best piece of Applied Arts in a long while. Having the hulk hold up the motherboard as though it's been ripped upwards with the Manga trail of cords acting as the finest ink and pen."
I couldn't agree any more....Amazing!

Visit the highly detailed and entertaining walk throughs of how this amazing Hulk PC was made HERE.
Post found [VIA]

I'm definitely going to run a couple more posts on case modders in the future!