Friday, October 12, 2007

Kris Kuksi Detailed Horrific Sculptures

"One of the integral and original voices in the rapidly emerging artistic movement entitled: Fantastic Realism is the Missouri born, award-winning artist Kris Kuksi. The art of Kris Kuksi includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, murals, illustrations and portraits. Drawing upon these medias to create his 3-d pieces, Kuksi sculpts beautiful representation of our deepest fears, that which society is reluctant to address in this age of political correctness."

"His inspiration is multi layered too, drawing upon politics, war, famine and discrimination, along with a plethora of unnoticed beauty that is brought to our attention."

Mind-boggling beauty! These sculptures are worthy of a Nobel prize! What a mind......

Many thanks to Paintalicious for the info, words and images.
See more deailed images on Kuksi's WEBSITE.