Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Paintball Panzer Tank

The Paintball Panzer developed by FUNTRAK has a 24 inch gun that can pepper opposition players with 15 paintballs per second. The one-man machine was the brainchild of ex RAF engineer Phillip Parsons and will cost you GBP 9,000.

A team of engineers and designers will build your Paintball Panzer to order.
A glass reinforced plastic (GRP) chassis.
An engine firewall.
A fully integrated, ready-to-fire paintballing gun. (15 paintballs per second)
A rollover bar.
A roll cage.
Choose from six colours for your mean machine.
Can be driven on UK roads further to meeting DVLA regulations.
Suitable for ages 15 years+.
Size: 106 x 122 x 183cm.