Thursday, October 11, 2007

PHESP Review

Game watch..
(Halo 3) Xbox 360 fans are no doubt still pooing themselves over the recent release of Halo 3 by Bungie Studios. ESPV recently jammed this awesome new game and it took us 2 days of almost non-stop gaming to finish it on ‘Normal’ difficulty setting. H3 is the last in the trilogy of the epic Halo story, which is also featured in comics and possibly a future animae film. Graphics have been hailed by critics as some of the best fiction sci-fi gaming scenery and detail to be seen yet.

The hype? In case all you ‘I don’t have time to play games, but secretly wish I did’ people were wondering what all the Halo fuss is about… quite simply it’s about advanced game play online for multiplayer fans.. meaning, taking the idea of playing online together with friends and blowing it out of the water. For a sci-fi fictional game with a deep story line, there’s nothing out there that exceeds the Halo trilogy. Everything from graphics, weapons, huge levels, enemy AI, player options, customizing your solider, multiplayer, smooth game play, and the sweet backdrops and movie scenes – Halo has definitely made a name for its self in gaming history.

Multiplayer.. ESPV found playing online with up-to 16 friends was basically the icing on the holly-poo-cake. Previous Halo games and most other multiplayer games don’t really allow so many players to game in campaign mode together as one unit fighting the computer (AI). H3 breaks this door down in a big way. You could be designated tank driver whilst one of your mates mans the cannon, another plays machine gunner and others hitch a ride. And that’s just one tank. Players can choose between loads of land or air based vehicles to jam with. Try taking on the enemy boss with 5 tanks and 3 choppers with all 15 of your mates killing everything in sight! Not bad Bungie Studios, not bad at all.

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(Medal of Honor Airborne) If a classic WWII shooter is more your thing then EA Games MOHA for 360 is the ‘poo-my-pants’ entertainment you have been waiting for. It took ESPV about 5 days of almost continuous game play to finish this game on ‘Normal’ difficulty mode. Old skool MOH cats are no doubt seriously stoked by this recent release which, allows you to play as one of the US Airborne soldiers and air drop into enemy territory under heavy fire.

Cool stuff.. Improved features which set this game apart from its WWII competitors include free-map roaming, in-game weapon up-grades, improved mobility and weaponry, massive levels, and advanced enemy AI. Call of Duty3 would give MOHA a run for its money but unfortunately, MOHA goes that little bit further in seriously cool and impressive game play. After jumping from your plane with your Airborne buddies, you can choose which objective you want to hit first and simply land anywhere on the map to begin your game.

In the middle of it all, you can stop and choose to swap objectives and complete them in any order you wish, running around as freely as you like. Levels aren’t designed in the typical ‘walk from A-to-B’ style and allow you to literally come at the enemy from any direction. Each time you die you jump again. There are no levels allowing you to man tanks etc, as the game really focuses on how good you can pit your human abilities and gun skills against your enemy which, get harder to kill with each new level.
Multiplayer..The online game play is damb fun and challenging if you’re the Germans, having to always be looking up in case an Airborne player is about to land on you and kick you in the face. You can’t get more then 6 or 7 players on each team which blows, but playing with friends is awesome once you have figured out the maps and know where all the hidey-holes are.

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