Friday, October 26, 2007

ESPVisuals & IdN "Anonymous" Trailer Sneak Peak

Earlier this year ESPVisuals submitted a short clip to IdN magazine for their fifteenth anniversary. The brief was to create our interpretation of design 15 years from now, in one media form or another.

With our love of Movies, Videogames and Technology we set about conceptualising a brand new, super advanced form of interactive gaming, including a state-of the art console/theatre.

We understand that videogames are soon to expand into the movie realm, and vice-versa,and with advances in technology, within 15 years it is highly conceivable that the user may be able to manipulate live-action characters within a movie narrative.

Matched with the ever-growing threat of identity theft, which we chose as the crisis within our game, we formulated a product which would give the user a depth of interaction previously unseen in the videogames industry.

With the time constraints of a movie trailer as our foundation, we decided it would be best to illustrate his type of console and gaming experience by creating essentially an advert/trailer, the type you might witness on television 15 years from now.

The Game is called "ANONYMOUS", the status you find yourself in after a brutal mugging leaves you without any recollection of who you are or where you are from. You must steal other peoples identities in the quest to find out who you really are.

Had we had more time we'd have loved to expand upon the concept, and maybe in 15 years, we'll have the time and funding to do so!

The great news is that the visuals clip has made it onto the IdN DVD, and the 15th anniversary book, which features some of our more recent illustration and design work. The DVD and book are due out THIS NOVEMBER. If you can't find where to buy it, you can do so online at IdN, using the link given below.

Remember, the full version of the Trailer is only available on the IdN DVD out in November and we'd love for you to check it out and give us your well respected feedback!

Check out the sneak peak above and be sure to check out IdN It's a fantastic magazine for all sorts of creatives, and their website has tonnes of interesting videos past and present.