Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PHESP Review

Start From Zero exhibition
Well known Hong Kong street artist Start From Zero (SFZ) launched his first solo exhibition on 22 Sep in a warehouse in Kowloon Bay HK, with great success. ESPV was there to catch up and check out the cool stencils, typography, photos, t-shirt designs, stickers and posters on display.

SFZ began attacking the HK streets with other st.art friends around 2001 and hasn’t looked back since. He’s known mostly for his SFZ posters, stencils and stickers that litter the city.
With a very anti-work/system, free-your-mind kind of style SFZ has indeed carved a name for himself in the young, but developing st.art scene in HK often working closely with st.art friends such as Graphic Airlines (GAL), C#, Bigmad, KS, Katol and other active HK st.artists, all of whom form the HK ST/ART Collective. Links to most of these artists can be found in our ESPV blog web banners section. For more info check out: