Thursday, October 25, 2007

Haunted Swing

When I first read this article in the Metro, I was extremely sceptical. A haunted swing in a playground in Argentina? Yeah right!
According to the article;
"Evidence of witchcraft - or merely a brisk wind?
Whatever may be the explanation, an out-of-control playground swing has got families and police in Argentina spooked.
The swing apparently rocks back and forwards without being touched - and anxious parents have decided the playground must be haunted.
Police in the north-eastern town of Firmat were worried enough to call in physics professors - but they have been unable to explain the mystery motions.
The swing can keep moving continuously for ten days before suddenly coming to a halt, it has been claimed.
And one child has supposedly nicknamed the area the "Blair Witch Playground", claimed teacher Maria de Silva Agustina.
She added: "We believe it is haunted."

When you watch the video, speed it up to about halfway and you will see the full effect of the swing. It really is kinda spooky!

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